Mother Nature

Ignorant people and Mother Nature

(by SGPierzynowski)


    A short, cynically cheerful and somewhat offensive and conspiratorial ‘story’, to give you something to think about- you just might not read it!


    1. It might seem to some that human intelligence – which in my opinion is somewhat artificial - is the highest degree of evolution.
    2. Does intelligence, as well asfaith in internet information (obtained from google) - the knowledge of everyone and everything - make any sense or is it rather nonsensical?
    3. In fact, in retrospect we are just mindless, cruel, nonchalant obscurants with no lack of knowledge.
    4. Yes, it is repeated everywhere; “scientists found, examined? they think? etc.”. When in fact it is essentially untrue. Even if they do not do it on purpose, scientists can lie about their results, based on the hypotheses principle. How can you hypothesize about something that you know nothing about? - At best you might have some limited knowledge around the subject. Aristotle's old adage of "All I know is that I know nothing" istrue among scientists and in scientific life. See how funnythe discoveries and scientific truths100 years old are. Even Einstein's theory of relatively has been suggested to be untrue.
    5. We are lucky that MotherNature knows how to correct our self-righteousness.
    6. MotherNatureis currently having a hard time dealing with the number of people on Earth. Recently, educated medical professionals of this world have created various vaccines and other drugs / treatments and are currently still working on others. Despite vaccines being thought of as beneficial in protecting the human population against certain viruses, unfortunately by vaccinating people we are also interfering with the ‘natural’ regulation of the human population.
    7. With no Cholera, no Black Plague, no Measles, no Smallpox - what or who is going to regulate population growth and eugenics. Neither the Pope nor Greatest Mullah wants to do it becauseit is reducing the amount of the potential amount of "cannonball". The earth is highly overpopulated, possibly by as much as 50%. The maximum number of people on earth should be approximately 4 billion and it is currently well over 8 billion!!!!
    8. So, let’s think of the Covid-19 virus as ‘an act of God’ - or rather of Mother Nature. Covid did its best at reducing the population, starting with the elderly and hope keep it that way. Covid doesn't prevent all medical practice from saving babies. Normal person most regrets the death of the child, not the parent.
    9. The next pandemic virus/disease may take over the regulation of the children and there will be a lamentation. And who will keep (pension, etc.) all the excess production for old people.
    10. We should rather let MotherNaturerun its course and naturally regulate the population. Humans are responsible for climate change. The consequences of the number of people are really very unhappy and they will be much worse, e.g. what kind of fuel will it be in 30 years - blood plasma?
    11. Obviously, you have to get vaccinated, but you also have to liveup to an appropriate age in good health and not necessarily die as a result of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or dementia or cachexia !!! It's so pathetic and not empathetic. Trendy words, but I don't know what they really mean in this context. I use because others use!
    12. I am already over 70 and I have the right to be a bit demented, or maybe more thanonly a bit?
    13. People on Earth could multiply to much larger numbers, but for that they need a source of energy independent of the sun (oil, gas, coal) and the big bang (uranium). Currently, such a source may be that of thermonuclear fusion. If we control it, we can thank MotherN for her generosity. We have already seen the Tsar bomb - we are waiting for more of it in form of Tokomak.

        14.   Hope it will never happen that we will fly quite far in Universe and destroy even more there.  Man knows no moderation or limits!