black holes

Evolution is a derivative of changes in the force of gravity, i.e. a derivative of changes occurring in or with black holes

Hallo-in dictation about ignorant paleontologists and physicists and other dull believers.

(by SGPierzynowski)


    It turned out to me yesterday or the day before that I am still uneducated about the history of the Earth and life on it.

    I watched a video on Discovery and it turns out that the two most important extinctions - the Permian 250 million years ago and the Jurassic 56 or 65 million years ago - were caused either by the interior of the earth or the cosmos features. Once it was the volcanoes that destroyed Pangea, and the second time it was a meteor (an asteroid - not very big - a few hundred tons) that hit the ground.

    Maybe it was so, but the primary cause of this 90% extinction was certainly not "dust" after volcanic eruptions or after the impact of a meteor-asteroid.

    Oh yes, and the first question. Why did these volcanoes erupt suddenly on this peaceful Pangea and create the current continents? Well, it happened because somewhere "close" to the Earth, a black hole was disappearing, which was Super New just before and created its own Big Bank in another dimension (I need the get help of a good and not afraid physicist to say that it could have happened, even better that it was so). Gravity decreased by a dimension or just a little (needed help from some mathematical mind) and suddenly the earth became lighter and larger (this is the result of protons and neutrons interaction that create mass) and it simply exploded and the center poured out through volcanoes. Protons and neutrons - they do mass - moved a bit away from each other in lower gravity and made this meatball with extinction. Old biological formations on the earth cracked and that's it - the bigger they were - the faster and louder they cracked. Some tiny reptilian ferns survived and started from quite tiny creatures and ferns, and they lasted and evolved for about 200 million years. Maybe they even managed to become wise and intelligent - more on that later. With this low force of gravity, reptiles weighed up to 100 tons, and birds as large as airplanes flew, and plants with a minimum height of eucalyptus trees (up to 140 meters) had a chance to make coal because They grew incredibly fast and there were many more of them. It is impossible to make coal from current forests because they grow too small and too slowly.

    We are approaching the second question - the Jurassic extinction. How did this happen?

    Somewhere "nearby" a black hole was created because, for example, a Neutron Star – the daughter of Super Nova collapsed and the force of gravity increased several times (again, that trained mathematician and physicist is needed to count and scribble some complicated formula of uncertainty principle - Heisenberg (I am dull at math and physics and I'm fine with that not understanding ). 

    We have probably returned to gravity before the first extinction, i.e. we have gone back in time by about 200 million years. Maybe a meteorite hit at that time, but no one died from its dust, maybe they just died. Giant (50 and more tones )and flying – plane size  Dinosaurs died at once because gravity killed them and it's no joke. 

    Again all have to start with tiny mammals and plants similar to not-forget-me-nots. Why not-forget-me-nots – because it sounds so nice.

    Fluctuating black holes dependent gravity is the mother of change and without it, there is no evolution.


    SGP from TBG: October 27, 2023