Artificial intelligence

Thinking vs. Artificial intelligence  - story for 1 April 2023

What is the process of thinking? Is it in fact ‘material’ at all?

Does "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) exist?

(by SGPierzynowski)


    Thinking is certainly not a quickly changing conglomerate of less complex molecules. Although it sometimes interpreted that thinking is a process of broken down and reassembled anew molecules by enzymes, simultaneously, under strict hormonal and nervous control.

    Why it (life) spins, sometimes even thinks, if is living?  Life only lives when is conscious – even to very low degree - that is alive! Unconscious life is not existed! But it's too trivial. Since flash-freezing in liquid nitrogen (probably not only insects) is a form of killing, i.e., the end of life, would unfreezing then be a form of revival? So, the right number of molecules, well sorted and mixed with enzymes, hormones and neuromodulators, as in these frozen individuals, are able to be alive and dead at the same time.

    But does a revival from being frozen at such cold temperatures yield the same being that which existed before being frozen? I doubt it, patients already come back to life as different individuals after low-temperature treatments. About half of the patients, whose body temperature was lowered to as low as 30°C during heart bypass surgery, return to life after surgery as mentally disabled.

    Could micro brain injuries related to circulatory problems during hypothermia be reasons of the mental disability? Or is it "something" different? If so? The something different are regulations = ideas of how to govern metabolic processes. The para-mental regulations of metabolism are quite "simple" - if the most important component of life can be called ‘simple’. These para-mental regulatory pathways are somewhat in nature - non-metabolic - and are certainly an achievement beyond that of evolution or perhaps a missing element of evolution and genetics.

    Thinking is ultimately a form of transcendental – “free” regulation that has become detached from metabolism – fortunately. This attribute certainly does not have "AI" and classical Darwinian-Mendelian evolutionism. "AI" is the level of maximally efficient metabolic, i.e., genetic regulation, and therefore there is nothing to fear or disturb them. Genes are supposed to look after them efficiently and they do! "AI" can do little more than bacteria or crocodiles. The components of "AI" cannot break away from each other, that is, they cannot be born, although their creators would like it to be so, that we - individuals with free packages of free regulation, should be afraid of "AI". Let's not be afraid of "AI", even though it is a colossal invention, it is dependent on energy (electricity) and thus can still be controlled. Free regulation - thoughts do not use energy and this is their genius, strength and mystery.

    There is very little chance that "AI" will be capable of producing mixtures of molecules, enzymes, hormones, and neuromodulators, such that it can revive and create new life. Yes, then it can be sad - but it's more like a time distance to the disappearance of the universe.

    The whole concept needs to be refined, removing all non-logical nonsense - but I like the rest, especially those fragments where I can deal with materialism, semi-divine physics, i.e., gnostic, and finally Darwinian genetics - i.e., the main brakes on free regulation, i.e., thinking.


    SGP from TBG: April 1, 2023