Supernova’s – are they in the same time Angel Creators and Devil Exterminators of the life?

(by SGPierzynowski)


Evolution of gravity:

1. A 60-ton dinosaur did not have the ability to "make" bones that would carry him.
2. Similar miracles took place in flying reptiles and Jurassic insects – which were in fact too heavy to be able to fly.
3. How is it possible that these “giants” were moving around and flying?
4. Where was gravity when they did it?


Gravity of evolution:

1. The heaviest pterosaurs was said to have weighed more than 200 kg.
2. The heaviest flying bird today is the Giant Bustard, which is found in Ukraine and weighs on average approximately 13 kg - record holders can weigh up to 20 kg.
3. Jurassic insects often reached a wingspan of more than 1m and weighed more than 1 kg.


Gravity of “naivety”:

1. Maybe the gravitational pull on Earth wasn't 9.81 m / s2during the Jurassic ages, perhaps it was closer to that on the Moon, only ≈ 1.62 m/s2 - which would enable dinosaurs, pterosaurs and Jurassic insects to walk and fly.

§ 1-3 written sometime during 2018


Gravity and pyramids:

1. Maybe our ancestors from Egypt, England and Turkey knew the “formula” for turning gravity off?
2. Doing sowould enable them to reduce the gravitational force during the construction of something heavy, e.g. the pyramids, which weremade from heavy stone blocks, weighing more than 30 tons. If gravity was an adjustable issue the whole project would have been a simple task and highly doable. It iscymes with honey, that Jędrek would say cordially.
3. It wouldn’t have been that difficult to construct the pyramids, if theblocks of stone suddenly began to weight, for example, 10 or 100 times less –maybe even up to 1000 times less?
4. Why is the cosmos surrounding usso miraculous,especially in and around black holes?


Gravity fluctuations are the clue for creation of mammals and extinctions of dinosaurs to fossils; forests to carbon; and aqua flora/aqua fauna to rock oil:

1. What would happen if we were able toincrease gravity for a few weeks –make gravity 100 or 1000 times higher than what it currently is? Maybe someone knows how to do this and what formula to use?
2. Heavier people - like me – would lie on the stone’ssofa, unable to move – most probably stone dead and very flat.My humble body weight would be approximately 13,000 kg?, or maybe even 130,000 kg?!!
Most of the biological land-based plants (greens) and animals would die or break. Most probably only very small weak one plants and animals could survive since gravitation destruction forces are less effective for small construction with proportional high storage od adaptational adaptations in their constructions.
3. This must have been the case, with regards to the formation ofcoal from forests and rock oil from marine creatures, as well as a fossil from dinosaurs . Momentary fluctuations in gravity which happened more than once during the Earth’s history create storage of energy and lot of biological trap questions. Yes – there were moments in past where gravity changed rapidly and everything waslost. Only Supernova shines brightly after so spectacular apocalypse.
4. Waves of animal species extinction, as well as the formation of coal and rock oil, were and will be associated with the flare of a Supernova, here and there. The explosion of such a Supernova, in our Milky Way, is reportedly going to happen any time now! The black holes created due to the Supernova explosion create lot of black holes. Each of them has a very ‘different’ gravitational force which surrounds them.
5. This, I believe, is what stimulated the ultra quick process which led to the extinction of the dinosaurs, coal/oil appearance as well creation of new life.
6. That I will repeat! It was difficult at time of dinosaurs both for flora and fauna. They simply were broke down in greater gravity and become converted to coal on Earth and rock oil in water (Oceans).
7. I will have to think it over again - it's too easy - but I like it.

§ 4 and 5 written on the 4th December 2019