living matter


Why does living matter use micro amounts of energy to stayalive?

(by SGPierzynowski)

1. Axiom I - living matter is built according to principles of quantummechanics – corpuscular.

2. Axiom II - inanimate matter is built according to the principles of classical Newtonianmechanics bases on waves principles.

3. Are these forms different? Think about it.

4. Quantum mechanics principles function within nanostructures and most nanostructures operate according to corpuscular laws (which are not known to everyone).The properties of life itself, from the mostsimple virus protein to the proteins within in neurons,can’t currently be described by Newtonian mechanics.

5. Living matter only requires verylittle energy to exist in the form of nanostructures, compared to if it was based on Newtonian principles non- nanostructural. In carbon nanostructures - especially those with 5 or 6 carbon rings (such as DNA, amino acids), reactions occurand function in the absence of energyor with very minimal energy requirements/losses.

6. The carbon attitudes to be superconductiveat room temperatures is the most unexpected ghost whom make life possible.

7. Enzymes, vitamins and hormones are the only factors that direct corpuscular reactions.

8. In fact, I think that if life were functioning according to Newtonian rules, the amount of energy needed for i.e. to walk, to eat, to dance, to run (without sense), to multiply, etc. would be unimaginably large.

9. Briefly, life according to Newton's laws is impossible. Since there would not be enough energy available.

10. For example, my body - only 130 kg - would probably need to eat a dozen tons of good caloric food in order to pump (not uphill) blood over a distance of at least 150,000.00 km. Yes - this is the minimum length of my vessels sewn together into one long, continuous tube, through which my blood would have to flow.

11. How is blood pumped around the body withoutrequiring/consuming a tremendous amount of energy? Because blood uses nanostructures machines (not to be confused with nanotubes) built from carbon with superconductivity attitudes at room temperatures !!!

12. Other questions and examples from the life of organs functioning similar to the blood – energy less can easy be added, but for what? Do you understand above?

I am afraid to think further because something strange is coming out very often. It is simple but extremely controversial, and maybe stupid !!!

Trelleborg 20191227