Can evolution

Can evolution end and when will it end?

For some people e.g., for me, it is already ended!

(by SGPierzynowski)


    Stability – no change is the death of evolution. Without slow or fast "big" changes, e.g., anthropological changes, climate changes, or changes in religious dogma, and finally cosmic changes, there is no evolution.

    After the distribution of the 5 bases (purine, + pyrimidine), there is no free space - no free possibilities - for creative and adaptive evolution. Evolution can only be exhausted, which is what we do in different ways, such as in the small evolutionary action Zelenski-Putin-Joe Biden = Bil Laden, or the larger Stalin-Hitler. Yes, killing not for food is a piece of perverted evolution of thinking.

    Thinking is the final phase of the current evolutionary turn. This striving can be seen in all plant and animal creatures. Modern man has not yet finished thinking as Neanderthal once did, and man has gone further by eliminating Neanderthal. Although Neanderthal gave 200,000 generations and man only 2,000, he will not add much to it because he will not have time - the thinking of modern man is creative and destructive - see the geometric development of civilization and its final achievement - overpopulation.

    It surprises and amuses me a bit how we can still investigate what doesn't exist. Exactly, the study of current non-thought evolution is such an expensive game.

    Maximum specialization does not allow for changes - the mole probably prefers to die rather than run on the grass and eat worms from the leaves - it prefers worms from the roots.

    What's next? We probably have to start it again at a slightly higher level - this is an evolutionary form of learning matter. It is undoubtedly another achievement of evolution that we do not repeat the stage of the era of dinosaurs. It seems that atoms and especially molecules are a little smarter after another turn of evolution. Keep it up, Mr. Demiurge – Evolution.

    My be peptides are the sense of differences of the creatures?


    SGP from TBG: October 10, 2023